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Redundancy Claims and Compensation

Every business is required by law to follow strict rules when they make staff redundant. So if you have been made redundant in the last six months and don’t believe that you were treated fairly, or received the statutory payment that was due to you, we may be able to help you seek financial compensation.

In most cases, you need to have been in continuous employment with the same firm for two years before being made redundant; but if the redundancy process was unfair or unreasonable, only one year of service is required, though you will have to submit your claim within three months.

Naturally, this is a complex area of employment law, so even if you aren’t sure if you have a claim or not, our employment law solicitors will be happy to talk to you, and advise you of your rights, as well as whether or not a claim against your employer is likely to succeed.

Just as importantly, your free assessment is without obligation and will lead to a no-win, no-fee claim if we believe you have a case.

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